Addison Uw Balconnette Bra Technical Drawing

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Addison UW Balconnette Bra technical drawing

Addison UW Balconnette Bra technical drawing

A detailed balconette bra digital technical drawing AI file, available for you to use and alter to complete your own professional technical drawing.


The Addison balconette bra technical drawing, provides you with a complete technical drawing with style lines, stitch lines and lace placements. For you to re-colour and alter the lace.

Technical drawings are used to portray your design and to give to the factory, with every stitch detail on them. It’s often hard to at the start of your designing to illustrate and describe your designs. These technical drawings are designed to give you the correct shape of the style bra you need so you can go from there.Toy Essentials

Included in the design are the stitches, zig zag, 3-step, two needle , a loopy edge elastic, all over lace, edge lace, rings, and slides.

Also if you need to hand sketch provided for you is the outline of the bra and the brief and suspender that come in with the range.


You receive 1 x AI digital download consisting of 1x front and 1x back of a technical drawing of a UW balconette bra (black and white)

also 1 x outline (smaller version) of the front of the bra, front and back brief and front suspender belt.

Please save French Maids as you receive them.


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