Ode to the Event Planner

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An Ode to the

Event Planner

by Rachel Nevers

Unless you’ve lived it, it can be hard to comprehend just how much time, effort and heart goes into a role that is truly our raison d’etre at Splash:event planning.

Many of us on the team earned our Party Scientist stripes in the field, so we thoughtthe holiday seasonof corporate parties, industry events and client entertaining was the perfect time to saythanks.

Our co-founder and CEO Ben Hindman took a moment to reflect on his own experience as an event planner (which included some tears – been there!) to pen a really wonderful piece on the value that event planners bring to our companies, our organizations and our communities.

To read the full piece on Mediumclick here.


Rachel Nevers

Rachel Nevers is the Marketing Manager at Splash, focusing on growing the Splash brand to drive lead generation and user satisfaction. Carrying over her experience as Marketing Manager at Nielsen, Rachel is responsible for infusing the Splash brand into the product experience, crafting rad content, cultivating a killer digital experience, and building powerful sales enablement resources.

You might catch Rachel petting dogs that don’t belong to her or checking out live music around the city, but most importantly, Rachel is fluent in the language of GIFs and Beyonce lyrics.

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