How to Score High in Chemistry?

Chemistry is one of the most significant subjects as we come across the subject and concepts in our day to day activities. Students feel Chemistry as a difficult subject due to its elements, chemical formula, reactions, equations, structure and wide variety of chemical compounds. One has to deeply understand the concepts then one will have a grip over the subject matter. In this article, we will focus on how to study Chemistry and aim for higher grades.

Know the syllabus

To initiate the process of learning, first study the prescribed textbook. The textbook is designed as per the academic curriculum and syllabus. The textbook syllabus is like a capsule that gives enough information for the students to grasp and understand the basic concepts. Students must certainly know what chapters are included in the syllabus. The syllabus is designed in such a way that the concepts related to the subject move in a flow and are interconnected. 

Learning and Noting

One must have the habit of making his own notes. Making notes while learning yields a better understanding of the topics. The notes prepared while learning helps in quick revision later. The notes need not be too long. For instance, one is making notes on Molecular weight then the notes must include its definition, theory, formula, equations and examples. While noting one can adapt simple methods like a flowchart, tabular column which takes lesser time and gives better results. This method helps in improving memory and also the concepts get engraved in the mind. A single page note on one topic with these techniques helps for a quick revision a day before the exam. 

Preparing for all kinds of questions

We know that students must be guided in all corners. Students must be capable of satisfying in all the ways that are objective, descriptive, numerically and also diagrammatically. The questions in the examination are asked in different modifications. The student must have the capability to answer all  kinds of questions like fill ups, diagram based, multiple choices and descriptive. The overall growth of the mind towards the subject is achieved by answering all sorts of questions.

Practice Papers

Students must engage themselves in practising papers as much as possible. One can solve these papers chapter wise. For instance, when the topic mole concept is studied, then solving JEE Main mole concept previous year solved problems immediately would help in better understanding and the student will get to know where he stands, how much more effort is required. Solving papers helps to gain confidence and incorporates time management during the examination. Chemistry is a subject that needs a lot of patience, practice and dedication. One has to stay alert and read the equation, names of compounds, formulas thoroughly for scoring well. Each student can adapt his own study techniques as per his learning style. Only studying must not be the main motto, studying with a better understanding of the concept is what actually study means. By learning in this way the quality of the subject matter gets improved and the zest to learn more comes up in the minds of the students.

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