United Farm Mortgage – One of the Most Reliable Agricultural Mortgage Brokers

Anyone who has been in the commercial farming space knows how intimidating and overwhelming it can be to procure a commercial farm loan which is why more farmers are turning to agricultural mortgage brokers. United Farm Mortgage is one such broker that has been providing American farmers and rural communities with loans for over thirty-five years. Their mortgage experts have insight into the requirements of the loan process with the complete knowledge required to fulfill the needs of their customers. The following are some of the products they bring to the table: 

1. Agricultural loans

Farming and ranching involve a great deal of work and are subject to struggling economies, challenges, and unyielding weather. United Farm Mortgage aims to assist farmers in any possible way when it comes to financing by simplifying the process greatly. They offer loans for ranches, hobby farms, countryside estates, and farms, while their operations are far-reaching including dairy farms, vineyards, groves, and tree-nut farms. Their programs offer up to thirty years of amortization with no prepayment penalties of any kind, simply because they understand and appreciate the value of the agricultural industry. 

2. Sibling buyout loans

Dealing with family property can be a difficult ordeal, especially if you and your sibling have inherited a farm or property that one of you wants to opt-out of. Sibling buyout programs help you pay your siblings out, while you can gradually repay the loan in your own time. Maximizing the potential of a farm when there’s a dispute over compensation and ownership is challenging and so is spending all your profits in order to pay off your sibling’s share. The buyout programs offered by United Farm come with flexible terms that enable you to take full control over the property while maximizing its potential.

3. Agricultural financing programs

The needs of farmers differ significantly from other businesses which is why farmers should seek financial aid from agricultural firms instead of commercial banks. Financial hardships are likely to cripple future financial plans, thereby compromising on business. The firm offers a rolling line of credit that provides sufficient funds to sustain your farm. 

a. Financing for ranchers

Large farms involve a great deal of labor and finance especially during the initial stages of setting up. Certain agricultural recreation activities can take years to bring about returns – turning to a commercial bank can prove to be detrimental to your finances. The company understands the essence of ranching, offering flexible packages to help you out.

b. Rural infrastructure

The agricultural finance lender offers flexible and customized packages to help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself which can include cell towers, wind farms, solar farms, and so on. 

unitedfarmmortgage.com is one of the best agricultural mortgage brokers out there, with a team of specialists in farm loans and agricultural financing. They provide a reliable source of funds to keep your farm running regardless of the season, offering financial aid for ranchers and rural infrastructure through flexible and customized packages. Get in touch with them right away for all your agricultural mortgage queries!

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