Backdoor Exploitation to Steal Data Online – What are the Risks and Solutions? 

Tackling hacking attempts by novice or inexperienced hackers is still comparatively simpler. But, highly skilled and experienced hackers have created an atmosphere of unrest. The different ways in which they steal data online change so quickly that unaware users stand no chance. Some of those scary techniques that have been discovered in many recent surveys are as follows. 

  1. Using the Sound of Keys to Decode a Password – This is one of the latest ways of backdoor exploitation that can be done by elite hackers only. What they do is decipher the sound of keys that are pressed to guess the password. And surprisingly, the accuracy of this technique is 41%.
  2. Credential Stuffing – They collect a list of passwords and email IDs from different sources. After that they start making different combinations to link an account with a password. Hectic yes, but even new hackers with very little skills have executed this type of phishing to extort money from web users.
  3. Creating doppelganger websites – This form of phishing is very advanced and very scary. Hackers buy domain names to create websites that look very real. In fact, they not just fool users with this technique, they also make changes to the DNS server that takes users to the malicious websites. 

Other forms of phishing that are equally scary include vishing, pharming, and spear phishing. Needless to say, the online landscape has become very unsafe in recent times. 

The best way in which you can defend the devices on the web from such phishing attacks is adopting better password habits. We have listed them below. Have a look. 

Better Password Habits 

Some basic password manners include changing the default password, not sharing the password, creating different passwords for different devices, and installing a firewall. The advanced ones that offer more protection are as follows. 

  1. Using a password manager app – Every person has many devices these days, which means many passwords. So, use a good password manager app that’s encrypted and designed to secure passwords in a much better way. These apps can also make good password suggestions to help you create a strong password. 
  2. Using the MFA technique – MFA is an abbreviation from multi-factor authentication. 3 or more authentication factors are placed between the backdoor password and the system. All these layers have to be cleared after clearing the backdoor password to access the system. 

Adopting these habits will help you in protecting your devices from hacks in a much advanced way. 

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